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We specialise in trade credit insurance, surety and collections services. What sets us apart is our commitment to building relationships. We create strong teams that work closely with you to really understand and make a difference to your business.

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Atradius prides itself on a close working relationship and high customer satisfaction.



Credit Insurance

With Atradius Credit Insurance you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products, knowing that your business is protected against credit risk such as the insolvency of your customers.

Debt Collections

Our experienced team of Atradius debt collections specialists are located throughout the world to support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.


Designed for multinational clients, Atradius Global sees your business as a whole while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.


UAE: DSO upward trend worries businesses

Payment Practices Barometer

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Agriculture,
  • Chemicals/Pharma,

16th June 2021

Due to increased costs of managing accounts receivable and a spike in late payments, most of the businesses in the United Arab Emirates are concerned about cash flow levels going forward.


Name: Atradius Enterprise Management Consulting
(Shanghai) Co Ltd
Tel: +86 21 6160 8168

How Covid-19 changed global trade forever? Our first in a series of four webinars, focusing on the changes that is reshaping global trade in the long term, is now open for registration. Click here to know more and register.

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