How Covid-19 changed global trade forever

An exploration of the opportunities, challenges and trends facing businesses during 2021 and beyond.

As part of the series 'From crisis to opportunity: what’s the future of trade?', we hosted the webinar, 'How Covid-19 changed global trade forever', and encouraged our panel of speakers to explore how the pandemic has impacted trade. 

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The pandemic hasn’t changed trade forever, but it has compressed into the space of 1-2 years, events that would have taken 10-20 years to emerge

Ian Goldin

Professor Ian Goldin

Professor Ian Goldin

Introduced by Andreas Tesch, Atradius CMO and moderated by journalist Daisy McAndrew, the panel consisted of: 

  • Ian Goldin - Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development
  • Emma Marcegaglia - Chair and CEO of Marcegaglia Holdings S.p.A,
  • Johan Melander - Credit Director Electrolux APAC & MEA
  • Edwin Kuhlman - Atradius Head of Global Commercial Underwriting Team and Head of Underwriting for the Netherlands

The panel discussed how Covid-19 has impacted trade. They noted the crisis has impacted different markets and sectors in various ways and explored topics ranging from globalisation to sustainability.

This white paper captures the main themes and points of their discussion, and is not necessarily a reflection of the views of Atradius.

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Watch the summary video of our first event below, 'How Covid-19 changed global trade forever', or watch the full recording here

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